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We recognize that an emergency situation can arise and we will do our best to respond to your needs promptly. In the event of a severe or emergency situation, please call 911 or proceed directly to the Emergency Room. Emergencies are considered to be those conditions that are life-threatening (loss of consciousness, severe bleeding, seizure, etc.)

For less urgent concerns or in the case of minor emergencies (lacerations, mild fractures, sprains), please call our office first for instructions.

The phone number for Poison Control is (800) 222-1222


We prefer to schedule all visits to help provide timely service to our patients. If you are late for your appointment, we will try to see your child at a later time. Out of courtesy to our other patients, we may ask you to reschedule your appointment.

After Hours

Ochsner St. Anne General Hospital Operator: (985) 537-6841

Please save routine questions (mild illnesses, appointments, prescription refills) during clinic hours. We encourage you to refer to our website first, when practical, before calling the doctor.

Telephone Advice

We answer phone calls during office hours. If there is an acute medical issue that needs attention the day you are calling, please schedule an office appointment rather than waiting for a return phone call. Please be aware that our office staff cannot decide if your child is sick enough to merit an appointment. That decision needs to be made by the parent. We will always see same day sick patients.

Sick Child Visits

We make every effort to schedule appointments for ill children on the day that you call us. Please call our office ahead of time so that we can minimize the time that you will spend waiting. If you have a medical emergency during office hours, we will do our best to see your child immediately or refer you to the appropriate facility.

Well Child Visits

To keep your children healthy, it is important to bring them in for regular well visit checkups. We normally schedule well visits in advance so you can make necessary arrangements with your busy schedule. If for any reason it is not convenient for you, please call to reschedule so you may choose the date that best fits your needs.

Walk Ins

Patients who walk in with a non-emergency condition will be fit into the existing schedule as best as possible, or they will be asked to return later in the day when the schedule allows.

Additional Services

  • Prenatal Visits
  • Well Visits
    The list below is our recommended schedule for Well Child Visits.

    • Newborn
    • 2 weeks
    • 2 months
    • 4 months
    • 6 months
    • 9 months
    • 12 months
    • 15 months
    • 18 months
    • 2 years
    • 3 years
    • 4 years
    • 5 years
    • 6 years
    • 8 years
    • 10 years
    • 11 years
    • 12 years
    • 14 years
    • 16 years
    • 17 years
    • 18 years
  • Sick visits
  • Sports Physical
  • Pre-Op Clearance
  • ADHD consults + Medication refills
  • Immunizations
  • Diagnostic tests: Strep, RSV, Influenza, Urinalysis, Glucose checks
  • Health Screens: Vision, Hearing, Hemoglobin, Lead
  • Allergy Shots

Office Information

Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:00 - 4:30
(closed 12:00 - 1:00 for lunch)
Sat & Sun: Closed
After Hours:

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